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A misconception exists that new properties are eligible for the depreciation tax scheduling. This is not so true. Whilst it is true that new properties attract higher returns of depreciation, older properties can produce attractive returns also. In fact, in 99% of cases, a deduction of some tangible value is attainable. Major question pertaining to the Tax Depreciation asked by many prospect clients to the Quantity Surveyor has been this: Can a Tax Depreciation Schedule increase my investment return?

The answer in the majority of cases is yes. A Tax Depreciation Schedule can reduce an investor’s taxable income, and hence by claiming these deductions, investors can drastically improve the after tax return from their investment and generate a better cash flow. All investment doesn’t bring Tax deduction. But property Investment becomes a huge tax saver and can bring in good amount of investment saving for your next property too – jokes a property investor buyer’s agent who has been dealing with us in the past decades to connect us with new investors and buyers. Having availed various depreciation offers easily availed in the market, you may get lost in the range of prices. We can help you decipher the pricing jargons and can compare the offers of our services with other companies in the market. We are confident to face any challenge and beat any competition out there.

At E Tax Depreciation Schedules it is value that we deliver. Quality in Services comes with commitment to value. And value brings in money. We assure you that the outcome of our estimated calculation on the house property depreciation will give you a maximized depreciation deductions will be maximized. If we cannot obtain double our fee worth of deductions in the first full financial year claim, there will be no charge for our services. E Tax Depreciation Schedules has always kept our word then.

You can avail our discount online quantity surveying service to offer a 40 year, LIFETIME depreciation report here itself. Check it out without Quantity Surveyor online by email or a phone. Direct in touch!

We wish you always make an informed decision that keeps you stress free. We are here to make an offer you cannot resist whether new to buying or have bought some years ago! Wish you a great saver year 2015.
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