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Sample Reports

From Income Tax point of view, what is Tax Depreciation?

Under the Income Tax law, you are allowed to claim deductions for expenses incurred in earning assessable income, for example rent. The cost associated with the acquisition of capital assets, which provide benefit over their "effective life" may be written off over a period of time as tax deductions and this is essentially known as depreciation.

A majority of our customers across Australia get eager to know what amount of depreciation they can expect. While we admire your curiosity, we would also like to indicate that depreciation is influenced by a variety of elements like age of a property, its size, location, construction methodology, and the built of fixtures and fittings it has. However it is our privilege to share with you some of our sample depreciation reports herewith to give you a glimpse of our work.

You can always trust us enough as market leaders in the field of Depreciation and our clients including some of Australia's elite - the wealthy and the famous.

Our firm complies with all Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements and furthermore we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We give surety that it will be possible for you to gain more than our service fee in the first year itself through your schedule report. Still we consider it as our duty to inform you that your personal tax scenario has a role to play here. But rest assured we will guide you in reaping the most out of our services.

You can email us to receive PDF of Sampled reports we have made for clients who are now successfully availing the benefits of the E Tax Depreciation Schedules‘s Report to add on their complete tax evader strategy towards the increment in their cash flow.

For a pre-hand information you can receive Tax Depreciation Schedules: The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has determined that a Quantity Surveyor is a “qualified person” to estimate construction costs for the purposes of the Income Tax Assessment Act (1936) (TD 94/83, 13 October 1994. Para 2).

We are qualified and outreaching Quantity Surveyors whom you can always contact.
Tax Depreciation Schedule by Licensed Quantity Surveyors
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