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Jonathan Myers
Cost efficiency and reliability are the words that define E Tax Depreciation Schedules and their depreciation report work approach. - Jonathan Myers
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E Tax Depreciation Schedules can reap between the lines and numbers. They draw on their rich experience and superior subject matter - Chris Atkins

The Process

We have a valid ATO compliant process for preparing your Tax Depreciation report. We begin mapping your property specifics and then we mutually decide a suitable fee for our service that is reasonable for us. If our service offer appeals to you, which it will for sure, we decide a suitable date to begin the work and designate our qualified quantity surveyor to your work.

An inspection then takes place which is initiated by our assigned surveyor and your respective property manager. Subsequently you get intimation for our side informing you that your property report is getting computed and coming soon.

At the earliest then you receive your report via email

and if in case the same gets vanished by you somehow, we can also send you another copy. Any subsequent updates you suggest may well be included in the reports too on your request. The major challenge for the Property investors Australia-wide is managing the cash-flow from their investment property. A tax depreciation schedule, prepared by a specialist Quantity Surveyor, can assist to maximize the cash return from an investment property each financial year.


The figures
  • Derek purchased a ten year old house for $400,000 one year ago.
  • His property was rented for $ per week or $18,150 per annum.
  • Expenses for Derek’s property including interest, rates, management fees and maintenance totaled to $21,080 for the year.
By claiming depreciation, E Tax Depreciation Schedules was able to turn Derek’s negative cash flow position into a positive one, saving him an approximate amount of $2000 something in the first year of owning the property. The typical investment scenarios outlined here demonstrate how including depreciation into your cash flow analysis can make a huge difference to a property’s affordability.

Derek can be helped in many ways to increase his cash flow in terms of tax deduction. This arrangement can be made cost effective by many ways to deduce the tax he is paying towards the property. All Derek’s needs to do are to hire us ‘E Tax Depreciation Schedules’ as his professional Quantity Surveyor to chalk about the Tax Depreciation Schedules for the Property he has invested in Sydney
Tax Depreciation Schedule by Licensed Quantity Surveyors
We proffer the best price for getting your depreciation report computed. Our profound Surveyors will revert to you within 24 hours of your request.